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  • Coleon

    Vampire God

    June 12, 2013 by Coleon

    The last few days there seems to be some disagreement on the wiki over the 'species' Vampire God. Although this species was deemed unconfirme by this wiki a little while ago there seem to be users who disagree.

    To prevent an edit war over the subject. I'd  like to invite each and anybody to share their opinions here and not make any edits on the subject until a dissicion is made.

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  • Coleon

    Revamping the style

    May 17, 2013 by Coleon

    As some of you might have noticed the Wiki is a bit at low contributing rate lately. Not very surpising considering we're between seasons. It is however the perfect time to pick up the good work and make the Wiki ready for season 6. With that thought in mind I took the new display setup from the Bill Compton page and applied it to the one of Eric Northman.

    What do you guys think? should more pages be done like this, or was the old way of multiple pages better?

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