I have been a fan of vampire movies and stories since I was a child. When I was introduced to True Blood by my boyfriend during season 1, I was immediately hooked! There are only a couple of shows I MUST have my time with, and the other went off the air a while back, so now it is True Blood all the way! I visited Lousianna to understand the people better, and I love the culture! I have always wanted to visit, but I absolutely had to now that my favorite show was based there. I always have a party at my house at the beginning of the season and the last show and broadcast it on our 54in flat screen TV with all of my other Truebee fans watching intently. This season we are going to kick off with a party that will include a True Blood Sangria, gumbo, and several cajun dishes such as the steemed shrimp that Tara and her mother shared in season 1. For dessert will be a Hunter's Souffle (berry cobbler), made with cherries, black berries, raspberries, and our own homemade icecream to top it off that will be a "True Blood" color ; ). I am all about making this party a total True Blood Theme, just like my others! The only reason I keep HBO is for True Blood. I wouldn't let us leave for a vacation last summer on a sunday night until we finished watching True Blood, and we had to be home by the next Sunday to watch the next one. Nobody is allowed to talk during the show, if they do they get sent out, and it gets recorded on the DVR incase an emergency happens and I can't be there to watch it. My boyfriend picks on me for being so obsessive, but my Truebee friends completly understand and don't see a thing wrong with it! I got Season 1 for christmas, and watched it with the extras as soon as I could. I will be buying season 2 as soon as it goes in sale, you can guarantee that. I'm not the kind of person to buy movies just to have them, and I'm not that into TV. I do have a hand full of shows that I obsess over, and this is my 3rd HBO show that I can't get enough of. I started reading the books, but when I realized the show wasn't following them I stopped so I didn't confuse myself. I want the experience of the show, not the books because although they are similar, they are not the same. I want to live it, be it, see it and get the total experience of all that is True Blood! That is why I feel I should win ; )

Thank you

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