I've read varying theories about Russel, Salome and Lilith and how they are potentially connected to one another that are very plausible. Some people have been suggesting that Salome is Russel's progeny, and that Lilith herself is Russel's maker. Now in my view this would be cool, however it could seem a tad blatant, and there is a snag:

As mentioned by people...if Salome is Russel's progeny how could he summon her under several layers of concrete from such a distance? I'm not sure if the True Blood mythology has explored the limits of vampiric powers, but my guess is unless they address this (which if this is the case im sure they will) i'm going to assume that isn't possible. Then again, it IS True Blood so anything can happen...It doesn't mean that she isn't his progeny regardless, maybe Lilith told her where to find him? After all, she is the mother of all vamps so maybe she can sense all vampires simaltaneously at all times? Seeing as her chracter is currently speculation, her powers could be limitless, the sky's the limit with this character and what she can do.

It's also worth noting that Russel's actions in history fit the timeline of Salome's human life. Historically it would make sense if he was present at the court of King Herod and he turned her as leverage to oust the king/or he recognised her strength as a survivor of abuse and admired her (potential to be an effective vampire). He inserted himself within the gilded halls of humanity as a way to put a halt on our progression to self destruction. It fits his modus operandi.

The other idea be thrown about by fans is that Lilith Is Russel AND Salome's maker and she told ole' Sally where to find good ole' cuddly, affable Jack Russel! I'm not sure about this one, i prefer the above theory, it flows better, but this also makes sense. Either way i do not think it was Lilith that freed Russel, i think that Salome did it under her orders or as a way to rip a void within the authority so they can summon her or resurrect her. Either way I get the feeling Lilith, Russel and Salome are tied up somehow, even if it's something completely different from either of these theories, these just seem the most likely in my view. I think it's just the fact that they are all positively ancient, how likely is it that they aren't connected to each other in some way, especially by the blood?

There are weird hints: Like Salome being eager to hear more about Russel being alive in episode two, Roman isn't having any of it but she stops him and persuades him to listen. Her voice is a mixture of intruige and excitment, but its very subtle. I found that to denote a lot about her character. She conceals her power.

She also puts her arm on Roman as a gesture of intimacy and as a way to stop him from acting rashly. A very strange act in a formal council room wouldn't you say? This gives an early hint of her seductive nature and her deeper connection to Roman than the other council members, thus indicating her power over him and the authority.

I also feel that Talbot was to Russel what a Barbie is to a child; a plaything, nothing more. He found him as a prince in Byzantium (again, reinforcing the idea of insertion into the affairs of kings, ties in with Salome theory) fancied him, and turned him to take as a lover.

Of course many vampires become the lovers of their makers as it's a very intimate bond, but there is a method to it too. They are usually their partner in crime, their confident, their pupil. They want to pass down their lineage/knowledge as a vampire. It did not seem as if Russel and Talbot had this teacher/pupil dynamic at all, as it was shown he did not confide in Talbot. He was his 'trophy wife'.

One would think a vampire like Russel would have another progeny far older, that would reflect his own machavellian, psychotic, tenacious, ambitious cunning self. From what we have seen so far anyone you know fit the bill? There's no WAY he wouldn't have another progeny reflective of a 'pupil' as opposed to the sexual plaything Talbot was.

I think it would also make sense that Russel, being a homsexual man would have a female progeny, he is very business-like, he doesn't strike me as a vampire who would mix business and pleasure when it came to a progeny. If she's a women, there is no danger with that. Hence his seemingly cavalier attitude towards Talbots awareness of his political strategies. Salome and him so far seem to be eerily similar in some respects.

Also regarding Lilith as his maker, there is something just slightly more special about Russel. Sure i know he is three millenia old, but it's his personality. That ultimatley determines if you will make a good vampire, you have to be 'strong' or 'worthy', hence his Social Darwinistic ideas about vampires being superior to humans. It seems almost too innocous that Russel's maker is just a random vampire who happened to recognise his potential and then he got to where he is because of his god-given tenacity. No. Your maker teaches you how to build upon these traits as a bloodsucker, by recognising your human attributes and calibrating whether you would be an effective vampire. After all, being tenacious, cunning and intelligent as a human is completely different as a vampire, you require someone to teach you this, its a whole different level of existence. They decide whether your 'worth it'. It's an eternal investment. So someone special needed to teach Russel to be the free spirit he is. He's a one in a million even for a vamp, so i don't buy for a second that his maker was just some throwaway vampire like Godric's maker was, it HAS to be someone special that made him as exhilirating and captivating as he is, and my money is on Lilith.

To conclude we know precious little about this coup within the authority and who signed poor old Roman's death warrant, what is the agenda here? We have been led to believe that it was a Sanguinista one, it's clearly not judging by what most of the characters present in that room were saying. All this is just my two cents.

Apologies for the length, i just have thought a lot about this particualr topic! Lol. I am very interested to hear your theories on these ideas.

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