We want to win the contest but I want to do something much more important and start by saying: BRAVO! I am floored by the sheer genious of this show and the storyline just keeps you wanting more. You guys have put together a master piece. Moreover the depth of realism that the producers, writers, actors, actresses, and other noteworthy crew members have put into this production makes it worth rushing home, grabbing my partner, some snacks and a soda to see what is going to happen next.There ARE NO bigger fans on this planet then US. Simply put, I and my partner have been fans of this show since its inception and we vote for all of the awards that can BE presented, be presented before season 3 begins, because if it was anything like Seasons 1 or 2, it is sure to be OFF the chain. Might I add, that after watching both seasons HBO was kind enough to put season 1 and 2 on DEMAND and we watched every episode twice in preparation for season 3. (It would Be REALLY great) to own those on DVD and place them right next to the entire Star Trek collection). We have turned all of our friends onto the show, co-workers and we even asked strangers in the grocery store if they watch. Our sons worst punishment is being told that he cant watch TRUE BLOOD..LOL...seriously. In addition to that craziness but should we win we intend to host a true blood party to watch the first show of season 3 at our you guys send us posters and other great items to put on the walls. Let me end by saying this: The tregedy of life begins when we settle down and become comfortable with what we have and where we are in life. You guys took an awesome book and turned it into a masterpiece where a really old being takes on humanity cloaked in death. Suppose Shakespeare had died before he wrote his poems and plays - the potential of Macbeth would have been buried. Suppose Micheangelo had died before he painted the Sistine Chapel or Divinci the Mona Lisa - the beauty of their paintings would have been lost...Suppose Mozart had gone on without giving us all the wonderful music stored up in his heart? TRUE BLOOD deserves to take its place amongst the greatest of great shows that have ever been created in this century. You guys have done your job well and we commend you...and that is why we deserve to win..Our sheer appreciation for a job well done!

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