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    For me, Obviously the biggest changes would be on how the Authority was presented, who they were, and how they conducted themselves this season. I wouldn't have been so quick to introduce them as the writers did, so as to preserve their air of mystique... if anything, I'd have it run the same where Bill and Eric manage to escape, but the authority is kind of content to let them run wild for a bit so as to watch them... Bill and Eric would think they're fine and in the clear, when really they're being watched or monitored. This presents the opportunity to keep Nora as a double-agent, only her double-cross later would be far more dramatic since it would seem she helped them escape in the first place.

    Since we heard about Salomé's involvemen…

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  • Domestibot

    Magister Vs. Monarch

    September 18, 2010 by Domestibot

    I seem to be getting the impression that a lot of people are instantly assuming that the Magister is in a more "politically powerful" position that the royals of true blood. Indulge me for a moment as we examine the evidence together and try and determine whether or not this is the case.

    First off, I wouldn't say he's more politically "powerful" than Kings or Queens. Every government has diferent departments and a system of checks and balances, such as the united states government which is made up of three branches: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. It's set up that way so no one branch has more power than any other, and things function as a cohesive whole.

    Vampire hierarchy is slightly different, as there does appear to be an Authori…

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