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    This is a list of the polar opposite (or close to the polar opposite) titles of each episode. I love doing this with song names, so I thought it would be funny to do this as well, since True Blood episodes are always named after song tiitles. :D

    Season 1:

    Strange Hate

    The Last Taste


    Enter Dragon House

    Sparks Fall Down

    Warm Ground

    Freezing House Of Hate

    The Fourth Woman In The Ice

    Mécontentement De La Haine

    I Wanna Know

    To Hate Is To Dig Up

    You'll Be The Birth Of Me

    Season 2:

    Everything But The Blood

    Stop This Party From Going


    • (can't think of a good one for Shake and Fingerpop) :(

    Always Let Me Go

    Soft-Headed Hannah

    Capture Me

    • (can't think of a good one for Timebomb) :(

    I Will Descend

    Old World In My View


    Beyond Here Lies Everything

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