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  • Ehpacha

    True Blood Wiki

    March 15, 2013 by Ehpacha

    So the admins haven't been that active. I know, because I haven't edited that much since Season 5 ended. There is going to be less activity on the wiki in between seasons, and I am willing to be around more since I am admin already. I just am mainly active on The Vampire Diaries wiki, as it is airing and I love both shows.

    So if anyone knows of any vandalism or is having any problems with anything, just let me know on my talk page. I'm sure at least a few admins will return when the show returns, as it has been in the past. Thank you for reading this, I just wanted to give a update on the wiki.

    In any case, what are y'all most excited for in Season 6? I haven't read that much of the spoilers, and I don't mind them..So who all is counting the…

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  • Ehpacha

    A few videos

    January 30, 2012 by Ehpacha

    Hey, I wanted to share a few videos that were uploaded onto HBO's True Blood youtube channel just in case no one has seen these videos. Let me know y'alls thoughts on them. I'm so excited for Season 5 to start!!

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  • Ehpacha

    Here's a cool video I found, shows the people that have died the last 3 seasons. And they have the best person that died last..

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  • Ehpacha

    Emily in Toronto, Ontario: Hi Kristin! I have a question about True Blood and I'm really hoping you can help me out. How is Arlene pregnant with Rene? Does this mean that everything that has happened over the past almost two seasons has been over the course of merely weeks? It just doesn't add up to me. Thank you!
    It's a reminder that each season of True Blood covers very little time…Only a few weeks! Arlene is only about 7-8 weeks pregnant, so really, very little time has passed since Rene's death in season one. All I know is a lot happens in Bon Temps and I don't want to live there. Well, OK, fine, unless you're going to shack (shackle?) me up with Eric.


    This means that the last 3 seasons are still in the same year (probably 2008)..…

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