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    So we come into the premere and we see two major things.  One we see Tara die supposedly, in a totally lame way in my opinion. We also see Pam looking for Eric. We do see that either Pam doesnt care that Tara is dead, or Tara really isnt. I am afraid they are going to kill Eric.  I believe Tara may actually be dead because there isnt a justiable reason for her to leave her mother in that position. If you ask me I believe her mother killed her.

    What do you all think?  Is Eric dead?  Is Tara dead?

    FleurDeLaCour (talk) 03:59, June 25, 2014 (UTC)

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  • FleurDeLaCour

    So who do you think will be the Season 7 Villian? I am kinda hoping they will finally give Queen Mab her day and the final storyline she deserves but who knows with these writers. I was kinda thinking it may be reverend daniels due to it showing him talking to all the people of Bon Temps. Again we don't know yet who it will be but the writers did state that the Season 7 Villain will be revealed in next weeks Season finale.

    Cant wait to see what you all think!

    FleurDeLaCour (talk) 07:39, August 13, 2013 (UTC)

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  • FleurDeLaCour

    == So we find ourselves at the end of episode 9 with Eric flying away from Pam who shows fear in her eyes as well as her voice that Eric is leaving and who knows when he will be back.

    All I have to say is the writers better not take him out of the show, if they do they will be making a big mistake and honestly it doesn't make sense for his character. I realize that he would be upset because of Nora dying but I would think that his love for his family is so important for him that it doesn't make sense for him to run away from his responsibilities as a maker. You would think he would heed Nora's wishes that Eric take care of the family he has left. Some may say he has already released Pam but it is obvious she still loves him and needs him, t…

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  • FleurDeLaCour

    Okay so I have to admit when I first had this thought, I thought it was pretty wonky. I never in my life could see this virginial Sookie Stackhouse wanting to become a vampire. The more I have thought about it, why the hell wouldn't she? She gets all the upside of being a vampire without the downsides and she gets to keep her faerie powers? Now I can't think of a reason she shouldn't do it. The other part of is she can help Warlow and Bill save her friends if she is turned as well. That is just more the blood they can use to get everyone out alive. I just hope she makes the decision in time! I am honestly really invested in this season and not entirely happy with how things have been going but thats what has made it intriguing. It seems fr…

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  • FleurDeLaCour

    Disclaimer: Only the information concerning Warlows intentions to turn Sookie and Bill being able to control Warlow has been verified 100% by the show. My theory that royal blood is the key is drawn from information given from the show and is certainly up for debate and not 100% verified by the show at this time.

    So I find that finally for once I was right about three things for certain when it comes to Warlow. One is that because he is royal is why he can be turned to vampire but keep his faerie powers and the contract for Sookie was always about him continuing his line of faerie vampire hybrids as well as having someone who is truly like him and can truly understand him to be there to love him and travel the world with him. He does intend…

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