A summary of how I was wrong on my theories about Lilith's blood but what it all means now for Bill.

Right about somethings but wrong about others:

So I had this crazy theory that Lilith wasnt truly Lilith but was actually the wonderful Queen Mab, from viewing the second episode in season 6 I now have to admit that I had to be wrong. With the way things went for Bill in the Sun episode it cannot be anyone else but Lilith who has her hold on Bill and not Queen Mab.  It could have been a way for them to go and tie up things with Mab but I must assume that she will either be wrapped up later or not wrapped up at all. It was a plausable theory and Queen Mab had the motive to do it but it is obvious now that it is truly Lilith who has changed Bill into what he is.  So scratch the Queen Mab theory it is obviously wrong.

Lilith has chosen Bill to save the Vampire race

As Lilith said that there is only one god and neither Bill nor her were gods, but they are godlike and Bill may become worshipped as she has.  But it appears from the information given in the most recent episode it appears that Bill has actually been chosen to be the one to stop Govenor Burrell's plots to destroy the vampire race but i do not think that is his only purpose now, I think that he is also going to be the one to help Sookie defeat Warlow, because if Bill is truly made of Lilith's image and strength it only suggests that that would mean that Bill can control Warlow and keep him from harming Sookie.  My mind is racing with all the possibilities!

I can't wait to hear what you all think~!  Post below and check out my other blogs~!

FleurDeLaCour (talk) 04:46, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

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