Warlow:some of my theories were correct!!

Disclaimer: Only the information concerning Warlows intentions to turn Sookie and Bill being able to control Warlow has been verified 100% by the show. My theory that royal blood is the key is drawn from information given from the show and is certainly up for debate and not 100% verified by the show at this time.

So I find that finally for once I was right about three things for certain when it comes to Warlow. One is that because he is royal is why he can be turned to vampire but keep his faerie powers and the contract for Sookie was always about him continuing his line of faerie vampire hybrids as well as having someone who is truly like him and can truly understand him to be there to love him and travel the world with him. He does intend to turn Sookie and from the looks of it that may actually happen., I mean I don't think that he will force it on her but I think that after consideration and she knows the whole story I think this will maybe change her mind. We may see Sookie become a vampire faerie hybrid. Also I had predicted that Bill would be able to control Warlow if he indeed was Lilith's true prophet and we have seen that this is to be the case! Makes the story get pretty interesting to me! But this also means that any vampire can turn Sookie into a hybrid, it doesnt have to be Warlow but only time will tell! Comment and tell me what you all think of these most recent advances in the show since the 5th episode aired!

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