So a lot of people have been talking about certain things that don't add up when it comes to True Blood's writing. Here I am going to discuss a few and then the comments will be open for those who notice writing flubs that i have not found.

Eric's Age

I have seen a lot of debate on how old Eric is. Eric has been known to say several times throughout the show "I am over a thousand years old." Which would make people believe he is infact a thousand and some years but others come out and say this is not true and that on one of the season DVD extras states that Eric is around one thousand years old but not over it. This is one of the mistakes the writers made and I think that all people are right because I believe that writers have given both ages as information which can cause some confusion and two people knowing they are right and they are but the other people are not wrong since they had infact heard a different age. We could try to assume his age off the books but as we have found throughout the seasons after season 2 the writers went on their own way with the story and characters and they obviously are no longer identical in the stories that are being told.

Jessica is released or not released?

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Jessica at the university

I had always assumed that after the Season three episode that aired that shows a scene of Bill finally returning home after being kidnapped by Russell Edgington to a very relieved Jessica who has been alone this whole time. Bill grasps Jessica's shoulders and looks her in the eyes and tells her "As your maker I release you." From shows previously shown I believed that is all that needed to be said to release a progeny, and then you cannot command them anymore. I thought they might have remembered this in the fourth season because when the witch spell was going on Bill commands Jessica to unchain him and she does not comply. Some could argue that was because of the spell but I honestly think it was because they still remembered releasing her at that point. But then in Season 5 he commands her to go with his authority guard and she does comply with a lot of eye rolling. So the question resounds why is he still trying to command her if he did infact release her. It really seems to me that by season 5 they forgot that scene ever happened. I really doubt that the progeny can reverse being released just because they don't want to and it really shouldn't require understanding because its magic is inate within the words that are spoken to make said progeny do whatever or to release said progeny.

Vampire Ghosts?

So this one scene I am about to speak about changes the fabric of all thought in the world of True Blood and I honestly think that it was just laziness on the part of the writers since they could not come up with anyone else. In season 1 of True Blood Layfayette is having a sexual relationship with Eddie a newer vampire who was trading his vampiric blood for sexual favors. Eddie ends up being kidnapped by Jason who was addicted to V along with his girlfriend Amy. Eddie ends up being staked by Amy and meeting the true death. Speed forward to season 4 and Layfayette is entering Moongoddess emporium to meet the medium Marnie. As he is being introduced to the coven of witches Marnie gets his attention as she has apparently channeled a spirit. It is revealed after a while that the person Marnie channeled is none other than the vampire Eddie that Layfayette knew. So you want me to believe that vampires can become spirits too? If that were the case then that would mean that Antonia was wrong when she said that humans are unique because they have souls whereas vampires do not. This also means that vampires in spirit form could then be capable of not only communicating through mediums but being able to possess them as well. This is a pretty flawed concept and they just got lazy or they meant to do this but they just didn't really think about what it would mean by suggesting such a thing.

Fast healing in humans after drinking vampire blood

This isn't entirely a huge flub and I will admit that I think the idea of vampire blood working as superhealing drug for humans is interesting but from two scenes shown in the show according to the rules of vampire blood it no longer makes sense. The thing is that supposedly vampire blood should heal an injured human and even save them from death. If that were the case if you really think about it how could most humans ever be turned? The scene of Bill being turned as well as the scene of Willa being turned are then not correct. They were both drained but still concious when they drank the blood from their maker. The thing is if that were the case then wouldn't the blood they drink just heal them if they are not dead yet? They would be drained, but still awake drink the blood then they should heal and jump around still human. Since they wouldnt die now they are healed then they shouldnt be able to be turned. Just another thing I noticed that in the end doesn't make 100% sense.

Sam first meeting his brother

In season 2 Sam meets the first shifter supposedly he has ever met. From that point one would assume that Sam could then smell out shifters like he does in the later seasons. A shifter can be hiding in the woods a good distance away and it has been shown that Sam could smell them and smell that they are shifter. Why then in season three when he meets his brother who claims to be someone else did he not smell the fact that he was a shifter. There are several other times where Sam and other characters with the smelling ability to apparently pick up smells selectively. Some smells they do pick up and some that should be obvious they don't.

Niall not recognizing Warlow


Niall Channeling Natures memory

So Niall does state that by the time he meets up with Sookie he has not seen Warlow's face. I can accept that. What I cannot except is that Niall did not know what Warlow looked like after channeling nature's memory in Hot Wings the faerie hide out. We already know that Warlow/Ben had already shaven his beard and cleaned himself up by the time he got to Hot Wings. The reason it has to be Warlow is because Warlow's blood was in the club and Niall verified that. You can that Sookie didn't see his face when she channeled natures memory but thats because of the contract between them and the fact that Warlow is a hybrid she was able to bond with him and see through his eyes so she could not see what he looked like. That is no excuse for Niall and when he channeled natures magic he acted as if he was in the faeries minds not Warlows like sookie had. Niall should have known the second Ben walked up that he was actually Warlow but for some reason he did not.

Godrics Death

Godric True Death
This would be a short one but has anyone else noticed that Godric is the only vampire who has not burst into blood. Even the vampires in season 1 burst into blood after being burned to death in their coffins by some rednecks with molitov cocktails. Russell burst into blood as well and he was supposedly older than Godric. Why then when Godric burned on the roof he just burst into golden dust? Why then as well did only his shirt remain, the shirt he had taken off before completely burning but his pants did not stay. I think that there is something weird about his death or it was just a writing flub that was there to make Godric seem special. Does it mean anything?  Like maybe he would come back? I doubt it because I feel there wasn't this much thought to it when it was written but it is still there to make us wonder what the hell that was all about.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say and other writing flubs you have seen in the show and don't forget to check out my other blogs about True Blood here:

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