Life Matters, Eric matters


Eric becoming unhindged


So we find ourselves at the end of episode 9 with Eric flying away from Pam who shows fear in her eyes as well as her voice that Eric is leaving and who knows when he will be back.

All I have to say is the writers better not take him out of the show, if they do they will be making a big mistake and honestly it doesn't make sense for his character. I realize that he would be upset because of Nora dying but I would think that his love for his family is so important for him that it doesn't make sense for him to run away from his responsibilities as a maker. You would think he would heed Nora's wishes that Eric take care of the family he has left. Some may say he has already released Pam but it is obvious she still loves him and needs him, then there is Willa who is a baby vampire and needs him now more than ever. So he is going to sit there and run away instead of facing his responsibilities as a maker?

All I have to say is he better come back soon. This better just be a small visit to some place for him to mourn and then he needs to go back to his progenies and take care of them!! Pam and Eric are my favorite characters in the show and its just won't be the same without him! Dont kill or get rid of ERIC!!

What you could do is have Eric turn Sookie instead of Warlow and Eric and Sookie live happily ever after! That would be the perfect ending to all of this!

Thanks so much for reading!

I want to know your thoughts so comment below and don't forget to check out my other blogs!

FleurDeLaCour (talk) 06:05, August 12, 2013 (UTC)

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