Sookie the Faerie Vampire Hybrid

Sookie stackhouse as a vampire by giotavamp-d5cylyx

Sookie as a hybrid

Okay so I have to admit when I first had this thought, I thought it was pretty wonky. I never in my life could see this virginial Sookie Stackhouse wanting to become a vampire. The more I have thought about it, why the hell wouldn't she? She gets all the upside of being a vampire without the downsides and she gets to keep her faerie powers? Now I can't think of a reason she shouldn't do it. The other part of is she can help Warlow and Bill save her friends if she is turned as well. That is just more the blood they can use to get everyone out alive. I just hope she makes the decision in time! I am honestly really invested in this season and not entirely happy with how things have been going but thats what has made it intriguing. It seems from the preview for next week she is going to talk to Warlow about turning her. I just hope they don't wait till the end of the season before turning her. I would like to get to see a couple episodes of Sookie as a faerie-vampire hybrid for a couple of episodes before they go on a year long break before the 7th season. I also can't wait to see Eric's face when he meets the vampire Sookie for the first time. I think it would be amazing. So many options. I vote TURN SOOKIE SOON! What do you all think? Comment Below and dont forget to check out my other blogs at

FleurDeLaCour (talk) 06:22, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

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