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So we find ourselves in the 5th season questiong everything in the world with the introduction of this new character, goddess of the vampires and first ever vampire or atleast thats what the Vampire Bible states.  The Authority posseses a vial of blood that they believe is the vampire remains of Lilith, the very first vampire.  Salome convinces others in the authority to drink of Lilith's blood and all vampires involved seemed to have a religious expirience and a pretty amazing high that allowed them to feel giddy, free, halucinate and serve almost like a vampire drug(Vampire extacy?)  Later this Lilith appears again to the main athority members telling them that she has chosen them to lead the vampires and to drink all of the blood.  In the end Bill kills everyone and drinks the blood himself, becomes destroyed, and is then reborn from a blood pool with a crazy howl and huge fangs.  He is more powerful, but he has a god complex that is going to rock the 6th season.  In this talk I will be bringing up my theory of the true identity of this so called goddess of the vampires Lilith.

DISCLAIMER:I have not read the books nor do I have prior knowledge of any of these events, these are all just conclusions drawn from the information the show has provided.

Lilith's blood or is it really fairy blood?


Queen Mab using her fae magic to change her appearance and hide her true form and the world around her.

We meet this lovely kidnapping Fairy Queen Mab(right) in Season 3 when Claudine(left) brings Sookie over to the realm of the Fae.  What I dont think people realize is that Queen Mab is supposed to be the queen of all fae, presumably meaning the oldest and most powerful fae of all.  Strange that this character(villian) is only shown for one scene never to be heard from again, or have we really heard from her just in another form? Queen Mab in history of fantasy fiction has been known as a mad god of sorts, interesting Godric would use that term when describing this "Lilith".  Queen Mab being a mad god is in her own right evil and insane, but we know from the little time it showed her that she has the power to change her appearance and the apperance of the world around her.  It is obvious she is powerful and she is very, very angry with the vampires who drove her race to this plane to escape extinction.  I would say for those reasons alone she has reasons to go in deep and ruin the vampire authority from the inside out to damage human/vampire relations and start a war the vampires most likely couldnt win due to being outnumbered and their weakness for the sun, silver and fire.

So where's the link between Lilith and Queen Mab?


Another one of Queen Mabs forms

Some may think I am making a leap from coming up with this theory but I have thought about this a lot and its the only thing that makes sense,  What sort of blood is known to intoxicate vampires?  The answer is fairy blood.  Just from drinking a full fae Eric Northman(a thousand year old vampire) got utterly drunk, what do you think the blood of the queen of all Fae's would do to a vampire in ways of intoxication?  I'd imagine it would work like vampire extacy and thats exactly what Lilith's blood did to the vampires that drank it.  Also another thought comes to mind and its that every time Godric has appeared to Eric its been when he has had Fairy blood.  The very first time Godric appeared to Eric Northman was when he had Sookie's blood and was outside burning with Russell.  Later, when he drained Sookie's Fairy Godmother he has a dream where Godric appears to him.  Season 5 comes around and Eric sees Godric yet again but when does he appear this time?

Godric and Lilith Appearing to Nora and Eric after they consumed the "Lilith's Blood"

  Godric appears when he has a few drops of the Liliths blood,  the second time he is forced to drink Lilith's blood with Nora and Godric appears to them both and later Lilith appears.  While Godric is talking to them he refers to Lilith as a godless god and a mad god, which is interesting because Queen Mab has been known in history as a mad god as I had stated before.  His comment that Lillith is a godless god is him pretty much saying that Lilitth is not a god at all.  Also he tells both Nora and Eric that they must fight her before getting his head ripped off by "Lilith".  How could two vampires truly fight a so called "god"?  Does that make any sense if Godric were truly talking about "Lilith"?  It doesnt make sense but what does make sense is that the truth is that Godric was trying to warn them against Queen Mab and trying to make them understand that Lilith may have existed but she does not any longer and this vision of Lilith is the true perversion.

So what is Queen Mab's true part in this and what does this mean for Bill Compton?



I believe that Queen Mab is using her fae abilities to make herself look like what she thinks Lilith would look like, and she is using the vampire religion as well as the power of her own blood on vampires to get the vampires to believe in her so she can put her light inside them and manipulate them.  I think she somehow found out where the authority is and placed her blood in the vial that was believed to be Lilith's blood.  She lured Salome some how to drink the blood and then let the pieces unravel before appearing to the group as Lilith.  She wanted anyone of the vampires there to drink the blood, to her it didnt matter because she ulitmately was going to recreate them and then continue to manipulate them as she convinces them that these new powers are from their god and they are special and the chosen one which Bill seems to be buying completely.

Bill and Jessica Season 6

  also noticed this as a side note: When Lilith was calling for each of them to drink all the blood, to me, it really sounded like Queen Mabs voice saying "Only one can lead us, I choose you, Drink the blood, drink it all."  Is Bill going to be saved?  Honestly I don't know.  He has all his memories and now has the strength and power of a 8,000 year old vampire.  I believe there is a chance that he could be turned around but thats only if he doesnt get killed before learning that Queen Mab is behind it all and there was no Lilith.  Unfortunately, because Bill is Jessica's maker I think he is going to convince her that he is infact God chosen by Lilith and she will get all wrapped up in his BS, even though he released her in the third season and the writers seems to have forgotten that.

Why would the Queen Mab want a super vampire?

Bill and Lilith

"Lilith" and Bill

Why wouldn't she want a super vampire?  She basically destroyed the authority in a matter of weeks and by doing so she has ensured a war between the humans and vampires to which they are outnumbered and have a number of weaknesses that play against them.  The vampires have completely ruined the race of Fairy throughout time.  She has had to try to force all the fairies to stay on the realm of the Fae because of the vampires.  This is all about revenge and if she is truly behind this Lilith's blood then she is serving it up cold.  Bill is addicted to her blood now, and he truly believes she is Lilith so he is likely to listen to everything she says and tells him to do.  Thus we can see that she would have everything under control untill it bites her in the ass and Bill finds out that she truly isnt Lilith, if he isn't killed before then.  Either way one thing is for certain he is a Villian for now and how that will change only time will tell.

Thanks for reading my theory~!

I really appreciate people taking time to read my theory and I can't wait to see what people think and discuss it as well but most importantly I cant wait to see if I am right!

Much Love,

FleurDeLaCour FleurDeLaCour (talk) 00:21, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

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