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So I had been thinking about it and I realized that if Warlow is truly Lilith's progeny that would mean that no one can truly be powerful enough to defeat him.  I also think he has some special powers acquired from the realms and beyond as well as the fact that I am beginning to think Warlow may be in some possession of strange magic which he used to make the contract for Sookie and has this magical bond with her. 

So what does that mean for Bill now?

Just had the thought that the writers could have decided to turn Bill into this thing not only to tie up lose ends on Queen Mab(see my theory on queen mab and Lilith's blood below) but also so that Bill can eventually learn the truth of his abilities, where they came from and be there to protect Sookie from Warlow since Bill will now be the only vampire strong enough to defeat him.

Is there hope for Bill?



I am thinking there is hope for him because he remembers everything from his life, including his love for Sookie and it is obvious by the conversation he had with Jessica that he is scared just as much as everyone else.  He also seems to want Jessica to stay around to keep him grounded and honest and I think that is a good sign that even he is questioning this and will get down to the truth of his abilities in time to save Sookie and realize the vampire bible is hogwash with the help of his progeny being observant of his actions so that he does not go crazy with power.  Really the only problem I see is Eric figuring out how to kill him before this happens but
True-Blood-Wiki S06E01 SS 001

Bill surviving being staked

seeing as he can be staked and still doesn't die as well as walk in the sun, I doubt Eric will find the chance. Eric may be interested in these new anti vampire weapons because he thinks there will be a way for him to use these new found weapons to destroy Bill, but obviously Bill is now stronger than Eric and so far invulnerable to the most fatal things you can do to a vampire.  So once Bill figures out that Lilith's blood was actually ancient fae blood, he can get his head out of his ass and go save Sookie from Warlow when she needs it the most, I think now there is a good chance he will go back to the good side.

"Powers I don't even understand, which is why I need you to keep me honest, because surviving a staking is some heady shit and you are the only one I can trust."-Bill speaking to Jessica of his new powers and I think is a quote that shows promise for Bill turning back to the good side.

Thanks for Reading!

Just a thought, can't wait for the second episode and I am stoked to hear what you all think about this.

Much Love,

FleurDeLaCour (talk) 06:27, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

Lilith's Blood Theory:                                                 

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