Another failed theory



So I was convinced that Ben was not Warlow and my reasoning is simple. I think its a big cop out for the writers and almost to me make Niall look stupid is that Niall did not recognize him. I can say this because granted Niall did say he did not see his face when Warlow killed his parents but by the time he got to Hot Wings and discovered the bodies of the faerie dancers and channeled natures memory he should have seen from the perspective of the faeries so by then he should know what he looks like. You can say "Sookie didn't see Warlow" but that us because she has a bond with Warlow and that is why she bonded with him and saw through his eyes but supposedly Niall should not be capable of doing such a thing and it suggests by how he reacts that its from the perspective of the people getting killed. But alas the writers decided to make Niall look like an idiot but in the end Ben is Warlow. 

Vampire Faerie Hybrids

So now we have learned that Warlow is infact a vampire faerie hybrid which has been the rumor going around that I had believed from the get go. He has to be a very old vampire although his fangs are not that big in my opinion, he has all his fae abilities but also he has vampire abilities as well although it seems he doesnt have as many of the weaknesses that regular vampires have such as being able to walk in the sun and aparently the silver didnt effect him or he didnt act like it did. I could have made him barely week perhaps. This sets for an interesting character I think but where did he come from?

His Blood is Royal

Okay so people keep wondering why I keep going back to Queen Mab but it really is because she was set up as this big foe and then they do nothing with her. She may not be involved with Warlow but one thing Warlow said has me thinking they may just wrap her story up or even just mention her through Warlow. Again I am not 100 percent certain they will bring Queen Mab again but what I am certain of is that Warlow's blood is royal just like Sookie's blood is. I come to this conclusion because Warlow speaks of being in a family that grew up along side his family. And although Warlow implies that Niall's parents are his own perhaps Queen Mab is Niall's sister or even Warlow's sister. Either way this all implies that Niall's and Warlow are somehow related in blood if he says he killed his own parents or that his parents were in the tribe that Niall's parents were in but from the sounds of it he spared Niall because Niall was his little brother.

So what is Warlow's Plan now?

I believe that the reason he is a vampire but was able to keep his faerie abilities is because there is something special in his royal blood that allows him to do this. I think he realized that and planned on creating a partner for himself that is both faerie and vampire but he needed to have someone of their royal bloodline in order to do it so thats why he made John Stackhouse promise Sookie to him. I believe now that his aim is to turn Sookie into a vampire to make her his faerie/vampire hybrid lover and partner throughout the centuries.

Thanks so much for reading!

Thanks again for reading and check out my other blogs with my crazy ideas and know I always put a new blog out every week after the episode airs so you can check out my latest most updated theories~!

FleurDeLaCour (talk) 05:54, July 8, 2013 (UTC)

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