Are they ever going to wrap up Queen Mab?


Queen Mab using her fae magic to change her appearance and hide her true form and the world around her.

So we are introduced to Queen Mab for a brief moment in season 4 and then we never hear from her again? I used to believe that Lilith was actually Queen Mab but as the season is unfolding it seems that cannot be true because the last thing that Queen Mab would do would be to help Bill save the vampires. So are they ever going to bring her back, and if so how?

Handsome Stranger

True-blood-season-6-spoilers-summary-of-the-n-L-t ed3v

Ben in Sookie's house

So everyone has to admit that there is something off about Ben's introduction in the second episode of season 6. It is pretty convient to me that he just happens to be a "halfling" faerie injured so close to Sookie's house. I am begining to think that perhaps Ben is actually a spy for Queen Mab to keep tabs on Sookie's whereabouts as well as the other fae who escaped the realm. Of course this is just another one of my theories but it makes the most sense. They cant introduce Queen Mab who is obviously a huge villain and then not do anything with it. If they do end up not doing anything with Queen Mab I will be disapointed but I think that perhaps Niall is there to tie up Queen Mabs storyline as well. Time will tell!

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