Ben Flynn; rumors theories and speculations

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Ben in Sookie's house

So in the 6th season we see Ben Flynn who is obviously off in some sort of way mainly because how Sookie meets him is way too convinent for anyone's standards. A bunch of people have been trying to convince myself and themselves that Ben is Warlow. Easy for them to claim on episode two although i never agreed but now that we have seen Niall look Ben in the face and not freak out Ben cannnot be Warlow then. We should assume that Niall knows what Warlow looks like since he channeled natures memory and saw the murderers at the fairy clubhouse take place. Now when people say the rumors about Warlow being part fae, I think it is true although I would like to see how the writers explain it but it must be true with how Warlows blood glows. Perhaps royal halflings can become vampires but keep their fae powers because only their human part becomes fae?  (Holy crap did i figure it out on my own?  Let me know what you all think about that)

I think if Ben has something to do with Warlow(which i dont) but if he does I think hes a spy, but you want me to be honest i think that Ben is also Royal fae but he is of Queen Mab's bloodline not Niall's. I not only think he is of Queen Mab's bloodline i think he is there spying on Sookie at Queen Mab's behest. I guess he could really be half fae but I think he is full fae, but i think he is royal because Sookie can feel him in her head but no one else and others have said they can feel Sookie in their head before and I think that that has something to do with their royal blood and only royal fae have that ability.

So I think that Ben is going to be the link that finally ties up the Queen Mab characterline of course only time will tell but I really think this theory is a pretty good one. Cant wait to hear what you all think!

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FleurDeLaCour (talk) 05:07, July 1, 2013 (UTC)

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