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  • Hiena in Cemetery

    Today is a second day od my journey with True Blood Wiki, and I am on 5 place in ranking! I am totaly shocked and surprised, but on the other hand I am glad that my work was not in vain, and in addition I was rewarded for it.

    I am totaly suprised by True Blood Wikia. I though that I found here some informations to my pbf forum about True Blood, but now I can do everything and located it in right place! So, thank you TB Wiki!

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  • Hiena in Cemetery

    Does anyone can tell me why in season 4 Stonebrook Hallow True Blood is not a person, but only "something" haunting the old woman of the Sabbath? I am unhappy that so far there is not shown as a werewolf drinking vampire blood. I waited with concern for an episode in which Eric loses memory, and a little disappointed. But after some reflection I came to the conclusion that another thread with Eric in the role of a woman rejecting the "vampire sex addict" would be interesting, but predictable.

    What do you think about this?

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