• Ifrit1100

    In the books, Niall is Sookie's great-grandfather. Niall has a half-fae son called Fintan, who has a son called Corbett. Also in the books Claude&Co are Niall's grandchildren but this is not true in the books. The rest of this post will deal with what the show says. ANYWAY...

    A lot of articles and even the Wikia once incorrectly stated Niall is Sookie's great-grandfather. What Niall actually said was "I'm your fucking fairy grandfather". I think an important distinction is to be made between normal grandfathers (e.g. Earl) and a fairy grandfather (Niall).

    Let's look at the Stackhouses:

    • Niall said his son John William Stackhouse signed the Warlow contract in 1702.
    • Jonas Stackhouse, born in 1801, moved to and built the Stackhouse home in 1834. H…
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