Jesus LafayetteT New Photo of Jesus & Lafayette

Entertainment Weekly has 8 (yes eight!) new clips for us...various vignettes about the lives of our vampy characters. Maybe we'll get to watch most of She's Not There before it comes out! No complaints here!

You can watch them all here but we added some of our faves!

Jessica and Hoyt

Not everything is perfect with Hoyt and and see them how they deal with domestic hell!

Eric and Sookie

"Your blood tastes like freedom Sookie..." Nuff said, really.

Jesus and Lafayette

Lafayette having second thoughts about his witchy involvement? Too little, too late?

Eric and Witches!!

Marnie seems like a meek, sweet woman up against Eric but we know she's a force to be reckoned with! Watch Eric convene with the witches and Lafayette!

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