Stephen Moyer, Alan Ball and Anna Paquin in Los Angeles
With only about a week to go until True Blood Season 4 airs, genius Alan Ball speaks out about the future of True Blood and inadvertently (intentionally?) dishes out some spoilers!

Here are some of the highlights from the interview at NY Times!

Anna Paquin as Sookie

Did you know that Anna Paquin was not Alan Ball's first choice to play Sookie? She actually aggressively pursued the role because she wanted it! On Paquin's ability to portray Sookie effectively on-screen, Alan Ball praises her uninhibited nature at some of the gory/sexy scenes and attributes her real love for Bill Compton aka Stephen Moyer as part of the reason:

"The other thing that she brings to it is a total fearlessness. I know there are a lot of actresses who would be uncomfortable with the way we depict sexuality on the show, because they just don’t want to be seen naked. That was never an issue. I think it certainly helped that she and Stephen were falling in love in real life over the course of the first season, in helping sell that romance because it was so genuine."

That's so cute!

Future Flashbacks

Alan Ball unleashed a little spoiler about some flashbacks we'll be seeing in Season 4. So far we've seen everything from Bill's Civil War times to Eric's Viking heritage. Where else will True Blood take us next?

"Whereas on “True Blood,” when you have characters who are thousands of years old and you can do a flashback, it’s not to 1980 – although we do have a 1980s flashback this season – but it can be to the 9th century. We go to the Spanish Inquisition a lot this year. That’s really, really fun."

The Spanish Inquisition! The only vampire I remember who mentioned the Inquisition is the Magister but he's dead...yes?

True Blood in 3-D

There have been rumors about a 3-D episode...and it has definitely been filmed! HBO asked them to film an episode in 3-D as an experiment but Alan Ball doesn't like the idea of watching something in goggles. What do you think Trubies? Would you want to see an episode of True Blood in 3-D?

What does he envision for the future of 3-D? "I’d love to shoot the show as a hologram, as a fully immersive, three-dimensional experience. Of course."

OMG! Eric and Alcide by my side? Yes please!

What do you think, Trubies? Read the rest of the interview at NY Times!

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