Alan Ball is both forthcoming and tight-lipped about the latest season of True Blood, but he was kind enough to have an interview with XFinity about some of our most burning questions. Let's delve deeper into the fairies, vamp-human relations, and Arlene's cute demon baby!


Fairies made quite the impression in the first episode, did they not? Please let us see more of them! Alan Ball answers our pleas with a resounding yes: "Time for fairies is different so it takes them a while to react. Our show has 12 episodes, and for them that’s like a minute. They will react (to Sookie’s escape) eventually."

Vampire Bureaucracy

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin)-7

Bill and Eric sure know how to work a crowd! With Nan Flanagan's deeper involvement this season, how much politics will we get into with vampires and human relations?

"There are levels of bureaucracy in the vampire world that we’ll be getting into. There are creepy, Dick Cheney-like figures within the vampire authority. I’m not saying we’ll meet them this season but I am saying the vampire bureaucracy goes deeper than you know."

I'm hoping that this time around we'll go past monarchy and sheriffs all the way to The Authority! It's definitely been hinted at...

Demon Baby

Come on, Mikey Bellefleur is downright adorable! But it's clear that Arlene is terrified of her demon spawn. But we shouldn't write him off as evil just yet: "There is something up with Arlene’s baby. Whether that’s evil itself or he’s just attracting some sort of force, I can’t give that away. But Arlene’s fears are not completely unfounded. It’s just not what she thinks."

Is he a baby wizard?

Tara vs. Toni


I like this new fierce Tara. She has a new 'do, a new attitude, and a new sexy woman in her life. But Alan Ball warns us that it's not all peachy keen...Tara's taken on a new identity to run from it. How long will it take for her lover to find out?

Hoyt and Jessica

I guess it was too soon to declare them the cutest couple of Bon Temps...all is not well in their love nest. Spoiler Alert!

"They’re really young, and each other’s first real love. They’ve moved in together and, even if they were both human, that’d be difficult. But she’s a vampire and has a hunger in the center of her, which may mean it’s not possible for her to be in this relationship. We will see an un-sweet side of Hoyt this year. There’s more to come with him. You’ll see that when he gets hurt, he can lash out."

While that is might be interesting to see Jessica in action while coming in to her own, as Pam sagely suggested.

The Voodoo Doll

Remember the creepy doll that was in the house that Hoyt and Jessica moved into? Well...we haven't seen the last of it. Is it connected to the witches? To Mikey?

"That doll appears in episode three. Be on the lookout for it. It’s not just a doll. It is, but there is an energy attached to it that is specific to the house. It was my idea. They moved in, he asked to marry her and it was all peachy keen. So I thought, “How can we mess that up?” We put the doll in that final shot of Hoyt and Jessica last season, then spent the first part of this season going, “What is that doll?” Now we have to pay that off, so it’s layered into another story. It’ll have impact on a lot of characters. The doll is a recurring character."

The Big Bad

110621 Premiere True Blood LA 8

Is Marnie our big bad? Because despite her powers, well, she seems like a sad librarian. But perhaps there is a layer of dark side behind her sweet, timid disposition... "There is one other witch who will figure prominently. And who may not be from this century. Marnie is our big villain, the Russell Edgington of this season. She seems sweet, but wait!"

A witch from the past?? Flashback or brought back to life! Can't wait!

What do you think about all this, Truebies? It's a lot of character development but we've got the whole summer to figure it out! Read the full interview here and tell us what you think!

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