We've heard the great news that we'll be seeing more of Alcide this season! Now, what about Pam? Aside from her sparkling personality, Pam's definitely known for her crazy costumes, both her dominatrix persona and her ironic pink suits.

Edgy Costumes

When asked about some of her outfits for the coming season, Pam enthusiastically admitted that she would be getting more "bad-ass" outfits!

"[My costumes] are so ridiculously amazing that it's wrong," Kristin said. "It's so good. [Costume designer] Audrey Fisher is so unbelievable." "Yeah you get some cool stuff this season," Joe added. "I get the coolest stuff," Kristin agreed. "My mind is going through picturing it..." "[It's] kinda bad ass," Joe continued. "Totally. It's so remarkable," she said.

Edgy Role

And will fans see more of Pam? As a fan favorite it would be great if Pam had an extended role! Apparently, along with her edgy outfits will emerge an even more bad-ass Pam! Could that even be possible?

Kristin Bauer spilled that Pam was a little sentimental last season due to some issues that her character went through; this season, she's back in full force and edgier than ever! The challenges she faces this year will make her less vulnerable and stronger than ever! Could that have something to do with Eric's memory loss? It's highly likely...

What do you think of the latest scoop on Pam, Trubies? Are you excited to see Pam?!

Kate.moon 17:12, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

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