Eric got his memory back! He still loves Sookie! What a way to kick off Burning Down the House with major developments. Sookie's photokinesis managed to undo Martonia's spell and cure Eric...which begs the question, just how powerful is Sookie?

Despite Eric and Sookie's declaration of love for one another, the unresolved hot tension between Bill-Eric-Sookie is still up in the air. We get that a vampire-witch battle is important and all, but can we get some threesome action over here?! I can't wait to see how Sookie and Eric's dynamic will change now that Eric's back to his awesome Viking Vampire God self...with the lingering tenderness mixed in. He officially became even more perfect.

Although I had high hopes for hot new ship Hamhouse, also known as Jessica and Jason, the latter let me down by begging Jessica to glamour him into forgetting their hot encounter. Poor Jess! She just can't catch a break with the human boys...on the upside, I'm loving angry Jess. She's sure to wreak some havoc on the witches and I can't wait to see her in her element.

Now let's play evil roulette! Who's who of evil witches? Antonia or Marnie? We got to see our first sympathetic glimpse of Antonia and I gotta say, I much prefer her to Marnie. What's her beef with vampires anyways? Either way, it looks like they're more symbiotically dependent on one another than before.

Although the Merlotte storyline has been dragging on for a while, it was still touching to see Sam and Tommy together on Tommy's death(pool). RIP Tommy! And now this gives the perfect motive for Alcide and Sam to take down their common enemy, which brings me to my next point.

Marcus and Debbie?? A trashier couple was never born...and this way Sam and Alcide both have motive to go after the hick packmaster. It would be kind of awesome to see these poor Sookie-lovers team up together to take down Marcus.

Now with just two episodes to go all we want to know is, where the heck has Sookie gone off to?! Please let Bill and Eric team up together to find their fairy because seriously...HOW BADASS did Pam, Jessica, Eric and Bill look in the last scene of Burning Down the House!?

Now let's get to it and vote for our favorite scenes from tonight's episode! Don't forget to vote for your favorite quotes of the night right here!


What was your favorite scene from Burning Down the House?

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