Hey Truebies!

Welcome to another installment of True Blood's best of the best recap! In I Wish I Was the Moon Sookie and Eric got hot and heavy (holy crap!!) in the sweetest way possible; King Bill found out about his former paramour's new vampire paramour; and Jessica and Jason connected past their blood bond. In other news, Tommy lost his marbles and possibly his brains after shifting into his brother Sam; and Marnie became Antonia.

While the various storylines didn't progress in any significant way, the characters all had introspective moments under the influence of the full moon. Jason speculated upon his lack of "special" powers while Bill let Eric go after his declaration of love for Sookie. On the upside, how glad are we that Jason did not shift into a werepanther after all?

In the coming week, I'm curious to see what happens to Tara as she faces Pam's wrath, and how Antonia will wreak havoc upon the vampire residents of Bon Temps. It goes without saying that I can't wait for more Eric/Sookie sexy time!! Now, let's vote for the best of the best scenes from I Wish I Was The Moon! Be sure to check out top quotes from tonight's episode and add your own!


What was your favorite scene from I Wish I Was The Moon?

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