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Best of the Best: Let's Get Out of Here

Kate.moon August 22, 2011 User blog:Kate.moon

That is some dream, Sookie Stackhouse! Unfortunately taking place in two too short scenes in Let's Get Out of Here, Sookie's sizzling dream nevertheless gave us insight into what our heroine really wants...Bill AND Eric...together. Much like Buffy, yet another blonde heroine of a decade before, Sookie dreams of a perfect world where she can have both Bill and Eric. Any thoughts on who would be Spike or Angel?

I really wish we had more time with Sookie's dreams or Festival of Tolerance- which by the way, reminds me of a vampire Comic-Con- because as much as we love True Blood's secondary characters, they're simply not as interesting. Mavis turned out to be not such a menacing character and got her closure...which proves that Lafayette is a powerful enough magical creature to possibly assist the vampires. Other than that, it simply took up too much time. Mavis disapprovingly shaking her fingers at Jesus having a "boyfriend" was hilarious however.

Meanwhile, Tommy redeemed himself by taking a beating in Sam's stead as Sam happily indulged in hot shifter sex with Luna. Will Sam find out? Will he forgive Tommy?


Debbie finally went off the deep end and got herself some V. She clearly wants Sookie out of the picture but isn't doing a very good job of it. Alcide, you're very hot (and he sleeps in the nude ladies!!) but make up your mind, buddy! Although he swore that he was done with Sookie, I surely hope he changes his mind. Anything that involves more Alcide and Sookie is fine by me! She can love three men!

Although Jason, Jessica, and Hoyt didn't get much screen time (alas!), they had some of the funniest scenes of the episode. How awesome is it that Jessica reads Twilight and listens to Taylor Swift? Jason very considerately scribbling out "Monster" on Jessica's box is also so so endearing. Not only are those two tentatively my new favorite couple, but it's also about time that a horndog like Jason had sex with a vampire!


And now for the witches...clearly Martonia is now a threat to humans AND vampires alike. With the exception of Roy who is officially my least favorite character EVER, the rest of her coven is being held hostage. Hopefully this will knock some sense into Tara!

I can't wait to see what happens next week at the Festival of Tolerance! With the sheriffs AND Eric under Martonia's spell, who will live and who will die?! Now, here's our weekly poll of best of the best scenes from the episode. Also be sure to check out some hilarious quotes here and vote for your favorite!


What was your favorite scene from Let's Get Out of Here?

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