What an amazing and action-packed episode! We're now officially 2/3 of the way through Season 4 and the storylines are beginning to converge. Luna's ex-husband is Alcide's packmaster Marcus; the witches and vampires are finally at open war with one another (with Tara and Sookie on opposite teams!); Alcide finally broke free of Debbie to save Sookie when neither Bill nor Eric could save her; and we're finally going somewhere with mysterious Mavis, who possessed Lafayette! It seems like she has some issues with the Bellefleur family...could they be related to her married ex-boyfriend? Looks like the Bellefleurs sure got around back in the day!


Yes, we finally witnessed the infamous shower scene that the entire True Blood community has been buzzing about, but the consensus is that it fell quite short of expectations. As some of our Twitter followers aptly put it, it was more like a Scandinavian V-trip through Narnia. Whether they were under the effects of Eric's very powerful blood or Sookie's fairy powers, it was more strange than erotic.

HOWEVER, the scene in which they partook blood from one another...much more primal and exciting than their actual love scenes. Their desires for each other was positively palpable. Sookie and Eric just might be the world's first fairy-vamp power couple!


Now let's focus on Jessica. We quickly found out that Jessica did NOT meet the True Death, but her fate in Spellbound was almost as tragic. Kicked out of both Hoyt AND Jason's's hard to discern which boy treated her worse! With Hoyt's anger for Jessica and vampires in general, could it be possible that he'll join Martonia's team?

The first vamp-witch battle was quick but exciting. The witches held their own against the vampires surprisingly well. I might be in the minority but I desperately wanted Pam to kill Tara! Did anyone else suffer an anxiety attack when Antonia cast a spell over Eric yet again!? Will he be possessed?


As magical as Eric and Sookie's love is, Eric's warrior nature was evident and brutal in the battle. Sookie's face as she saw him butcher a human foreshadows what will happen when Eric gets his memory back. It was also great to see Alcide swoop in to save Sookie when neither Bill nor Eric could. So different from either vampires, Alcide is still a force to be reckoned with for Sookie's affections!

Overall, Spellbound was chock full of sweet Eric/Sookie moments. What will happen to Sookie, Eric, and Bill now that they're all in danger? Sound off in the comments!

As always, be sure to pick your favorite quotes here and vote for your favorite scene!


What was your favorite scene from Spellbound?

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