Americangothic11 Scans- Entertainment Weeklys True Blood Preview

In light of Bill's recent bachelor status, there has been a lot of wild rumors flying about regarding his next steps as a hot single vampire. Is he a vamp king? Does he have a new lady? His house has a torture chamber!?

The first two are somewhat likely but Stephen Moyer squashed the hype about a "torture chamber" in his house. So what is this "room" exactly? Well, it's going to be in his basement...and used for something else. Who knows? Maybe it's similar to Eric's minus the actual torture! True Blood News also revealed some other tidbits about how Bill will keep himself occupied without Sookie.

“Bachelorhood kind of turns out all right for Bill. I think he decided to enjoy it while he can. A lot of responsibility smoothing over the Russell Edgington nightmare. He’s trying to make vampires attractive to humans again, by sort of doing press, without giving too much away.”

Sounds like he'll be working very closely with Nan Flanagan! What kind of vampire will Bill be without Sookie? Speculate below Trubies! True Blood comes back this weekend!

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