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Bill and Jessica

If Bill is Jessica... Princess? Either way, the surrogate father-daughter duo seem to be a lot closer this season. We already know that fiesty Jessica feeds on the hot fangbanger from Fangtasia based on this clip; what does this mean for her future with Hoyt? Does feeding on someone else constitute as cheating? I guess it does in vamp world! Check out this sweet bonding moment between Bill and Jessica!


True Blood Season 4 - New Sneak Peek - Jessica & Bill01:18

True Blood Season 4 - New Sneak Peek - Jessica & Bill

Pam and Sookie

Our favorite sassy vamp Pam has always been quite...sarcastic. Last night, her interactions with both Nan Flanagan and Jessica showcased Pam at her bitchy-best. While Pam has always been in the shadows of her maker, perhaps Eric's stint with the witches will bring her to the forefront in Season 4. Cast in point: this hilarious (full) clip of Sookie and Pam at Fangtasia! Eric pulls good string...and Sookie can't argue with that logic!


'True Blood Season 4 Clip (Sookie & Pam)01:15

'True Blood Season 4 Clip (Sookie & Pam)

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