A while back we covered some new characters for True Blood Season 4. Be sure to check it out here so you're updated!

And we have some fresh blood (get it?) for you today:

Neil Hopkins as Claude

Neilhopkins Season 4 Casting Couch

Neil Hopkins will be portraying Claude, the brother of Sookie's fairy relative Claudine. Will he be the first male fairy we see?

Rebecca Wisocky as Queen Mab

Visocky Season 4 Casting Couch

A character based in literature, Queen Mab is supposedly the queen of the fairy land with a temper.

Paola Turbay as Antonia

Paola Turbay1 Season 4 Casting Couch

Could this be the sexy brunette Sam was smooching? Antonia will be recurring as a fierce beauty who speaks Spanish.

Sam Horrigan as Pam's Toy!

Sam horringan fangbanger 204x300 Season 4 Casting Couch

Ooooh have we got a treat for you! Pam, who prefers women to men, will be getting her own human boy toy! Horrigan has been cast as a fangbanger who enjoys getting bitten by Pam! Juicy! Sounds like she'll leave him...leaving him heartbroken!

Daniel Buran as Raoul of Shreveport

DBuran JManganiello 300 200x160 Season 4 Casting Couch

Raoul will be Alcide's new werewolf packmaster! Hope he scares less easy than the last one...


There's also a complete list here: True Blood News of one-time roles and smaller parts!

Kate.moon 22:01, May 18, 2011 (UTC)

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