Charlaine Harris Charlaine Harris On Her (Dismissed) Plans to Kill Bill Compton in the Book Series

True Blood the show may still have a few months until it comes back on air (alas!) but the newest book in the Southern Mysteries series, Dead Reckoning, is coming out in May 3rd!

To promote her new book, she graciously agreed to an interview with where she answers a little tidbit about Bill Compton and his brush with death!

Charlaine Harris had originally penned an epic death scene for Bill in the books although she eventually decided against it since she liked Bill's character.

"Actually, during the scene in the hospital when the fairies are coming to kill everyone inside, I wrote a great death scene for Bill because I love to write grand death scenes. But when I thought about it, I wanted to keep Bill around because I like him. My editor weighed in on Bill’s survival, too. I think that worked out for the best . . . but now I have to answer a lot more questions!”

Alan Ball had accidentally let it slip back in 2009 when he reassured his viewers that Bill and Sookie's connection is undying and mutual, even with a few hurdles along the way (like now).

“Stephen Moyer will not be marginalized. The characters of Bill and Sookie may go through some rough patches that may last longer than team Sookie/Bill might like but Bill and Sookie have a connection that will never die in the TV world. I know in the book world that Charlaine had to be talked out of killing Bill in the last book but I’m saying in our world Sookie and Bill have a connection that will not die.”

At least we can breathe easy that Bill never would have disappeared from our TV world even if he had been killed by fairies in the books!

What do you think Trubies? Are you glad that Bill is un-dead and kicking?

Kate.moon 22:02, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

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