1161 ew cover joe 300 True Blood Covers Entertainment Weekly

It looks like Entertainment Weekly put out a cover to satisfy every True Blood shipper. Thrice the hotness of a normal True Blood cover, the cover shows Sookie with Eric, Bill, and Alcide (separately) in the theme of American Gothic, the famous painting. I'm partial to the Alcide cover...but which one is your favorite!?

The EW article also features an interview with Alexander Skarsgård who talks briefly about the upcoming steamy scenes. He laughingly mentions that his sex scenes will be "tamer" than last season (you really can't top bedding and staking a vampire can you?) but doesn't squash our hopes for a steamy shower scene featured in the books.

“I did some crazy stuff last year. I almost had sex with a Greek man and I was covered in his goo. Everything from here on is pretty childish. Everything’s quite innocent.”

Of course True Blood's barometer for "innocence" is quite different from most other shows'. Check out our gallery of sexy covers, courtesy of True Blood News!

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