True Blood fans have been frantic over the fate of babyvamp Jessica after last week's Cold Grey Light of Dawn! Is she (SPOILER ALERT!) or isn't she dead after meeting the sun while under Antonia's spell?

Our very own True Blood Wiki states that a young vampire (and Jessica is very young) doesn't burst into flames as would an older vampire. This combined with Jason's best efforts could save her...right!?

True Blood News has taken upon themselves to answer our questions and the general consensus is that YES, Jessica is alive! In fact, she will most likely be fine since we will see her accompany Bill to meet Marnie at the Moon Goddess Emporium!

We're thinking that after the almost-true-death of his progeny, Bill won't take Antonia/Marnie lying down. And Jessica DID promise to eat the witch...starting with her face if she survived the day! Best Jessica quote ever!

Want to know what Bill will do at the Emporium? Read spoilers here at your own risk!

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