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If you would like to have SOME mysteries regarding Season 4 you might want to stop reading. Otherwise...we have a doozy of information for you! Just posted on True Blood News, we have confirmation on the fate of Queen Sophie-Anne. She was in fact, "deposed" by Bill Compton! Which means...Bill is now the Vampire King of Louisiana! HOLY!

This is huge news! I hope that Sophie-Anne isn't dead, just merely incapacitated in some manner, and that we'll see her back at some point. But Bill as Vampire King? What could that mean?

It's also 99.9% likely that True Blood Season 4 will start a year AFTER where we left off in terms of actual timeline, with Sookie's brief stint in Fairyland actually being a whole year! Her friends believe that she is dead: "While she’s been away, Sookie’s mishap-prone brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten), has become a sheriff’s deputy; her former paramour Bill (Stephen Moyer) has deposed Queen Sophie-Anne (so long, Evan Rachel Wood) and has been crowned the Vampire King of Louisiana."

Bill will also prove to be an ally to Nan Flanagan's plans for vampire peace. What do you think about all this Trubies?? I can't WAIT to see how this all plays out...starting Sunday!

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