We have a major scoop for you straight from Ausiello!! One straight character WILL come out of the closet (not coffin), or at least be in a serious same-sex relationship in Season 4! OMG!

True Trubies know that vampire romance is quite fluid; we've seen sexy scenes with Talbot and Eric, with Sophie-Ann and Hadley, and of course Pam and her preference for hot ladies. But according to Ausiello, it doesn't sound like something that has ever been explored before, but it also doesn't seem contrived.

Here is also a very VERY mild hint, also from Ausiello

  • An unlikely new romance takes shape.
  • *i***** *******e* ***s.
  • Pam is at her bitchiest best.
  • Jessica makes Hoyt dinner — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
  • There’s some big real estate news — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
  • Sam comes dangerously close to exposing his naughty bits.

Who could it be!? Can you guess what those blocked-out letters are? Let's take a vote and see if any of our theories pan out!


Which character will come out of the closet?

The poll was created at 22:18 on June 15, 2011, and so far 21 people voted.

I vote for Tara! She's certainly had her share of bad relationships.

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