True Blood Alcide Herveaux by blood bibi

The cast of True Blood is known for being notoriously tight-lipped about spoilers. But after being asked about their sex scenes and new steamy relationships on the show, Kristin Bauer (Pam) and Joe Manganiello (Alcide) revealed two things: witches will be pesky to all supes and...there will be lots of nudity. Lots of nudity!


So far no one's confirmed that witches will evil entities for True Blood; if anything, there's supposedly a different Big Bad for Season 4. But that doesn't stop the newest supes from causing trouble for our veteran vampires and weres.

"Witches cause a lot of trouble," Manganiello said. "Witches, they're mischievous," Bauer added. "Pesky." "I don't think vampires or werewolves are too fond of witches," Manganiello continued. "No," Bauer agreed. "There's some shenanigans."

Steamy Scenes

While Pam didn't reveal anything about her role (she might be too busy searching for her maker!). Joe Manganiello did admit that he will be naked...a lot. To be exact, "A lot. A lot."

More than one a lot? Here's to hoping that we'll see as much as possible of the hunky werewolf, perhaps with Sookie. He didn't win the "Because You're Hot" award by keeping his clothes on!

What do you think Trubies? Can't wait to see more of Alcide? Who will he get naked with?

Kate.moon 17:56, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

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