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Pam in Once Upon a Time

Kate.moon September 27, 2011 User blog:Kate.moon

Are you having True Blood withdrawals yet, Truebies? Now that Season 4 is over and we're slowly suffering from a lack of our favorite vamps, the cast of True Blood are focusing on other projects temporarily. Hottie werewolf Joe Manganiello is set to guest star in Two and a Half Men soon and it looks like favorite sassy vamp Pam will appear as another supernatural being in Once Upon a Time!

Pam may have gotten burned by an evil witch in Season 4 but she'll be playing a famous evil witch- Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty- in the fairy-taled themed ABC fall series Once Upon a Time. Will you tune in to watch Pam and the other fairy tale creatures?

Tell us in the comments!

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