3x09 -russell vows to talbots gooey remains in a jar that he will be avenged

Russell Edgington made for one heck of a villain in Season 3. From his casual enjoyment of extreme violence to his jovial nonchalance with Queen Sophie-Anne, he was a fabulous example of a deranged, yet fun psychopath.

What does Denis O'Hare think about his character? In this short article by Variety, O'Hare explains his take on Russell and his potential return for Season 4!!

The most surprising part is that he doesn't think Russell is crazy: "He becomes unburdened of a certain kind of civility because Talbot sort of held him in check," O'Hare says. "With that mitigating force gone, he reverts in a way to his most pagan, native self. And another thing is he's just in pain. He's descending into a kind of Shakespearean grief and pain."

Ah, so we have fabulous Talbot to thank for 700 years of relative peace. It is creepy touching how Russell pays homage to his dead lover by carrying that darned jar around!

As for his return in Season 4? "I would love that too," he says. "I know that Alan (Ball) and the writers wrote the ending of season three in order to keep their options open and Russell's not dead. That's all I'm saying."

More Russell? Yes, please! The vamp king we know and love won't sit still once he's freed from his cement prison!

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