Spoiler Alert!

Now that HBO has officially announced the date for True Blood (June 26th!) it's time to seriously speculate what Season 4 will bring. Alan Ball has already promised that it will be the "Season of Witches" which gives us Trubies even more to consider!

Sookie, Bill, and Eric

Possibly the most pressing question is whether Sookie and Bill will get together, now or ever. Are these two the 'ship of your choice? If so, you might be out of luck for a while. Understandably, Sookie will be a changed fairy once she returns from her "homeland" and Bill's betrayal leaves her scarred.

Meanwhile, you can't deny the chemistry between Sookie and Eric although there are reports that Eric will be struggling with some memory issues of his own when Season 4 returns. Will that bring Sookie and Eric closer together or will there be a certain hunky werewolf in the picture?

New Big Bad

After Russell Edgington it might be difficult to cast a more maniacal Big Bad for True Blood but they certainly will try! Although the writers are tight-lipped about who or what will be the main antagonist, we know that it'll be an "ancient entity."

And speaking of Russell Edgington...he will be resurfacing sometime this season!

New Couple on the Block

The new hot vamp-human couple of True Blood are definitely Jessica and Hoyt who were moving in last time we saw them. How will they hold up in the aftermath of Russell Edgington's bloody actions? News is that they'll struggle for acceptance as a couple. I'm sure they'll have lots of issues with Mama Hoyt.

What do you think about these spoilers? Speculate in the comments!

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