Good news for Alexander Skarsgård fans! He's featured on this month's GQ looking very sexy. Aside from the titillating photos, he also opened up about his awesome role as Eric, his love scenes, gay and straight alike, and his home life!

While Sookie/Eric shippers may yearn for a relationship between the two hot blondes, looks like our fantasies will remain solidly in fantasy, since Anna Paquin is married to Stephen Moyer. In fact, Alexander mentioned that he seems Anna as a "sister" and that it takes quite a bit of acting to make those scintillating sex scenes convincing!

"First things first: all those hot'n'sexy dream scenes with co-star Anna Paquin? We were sure there was some serious chemistry going on between the two, but Alexander explained that they're both just excellent fakers. (Bad news for gossip hounds, but good news for Anna's husband Stephen Moyer—we're guessing he doesn't exactly relish watching his lady love rolling around naked in the arms of a hot Viking vampire.)

"It’s really clear to Steve and to everybody else what the deal is—which is that Anna is like a sister to me," Alexander said. "Those love scenes take quite a bit of acting, actually. A lot of acting."

Alas! And what of his infamous scene with sexy vamp Talbot, may he rest in peace? Looks like Alexander flies straight! Swoon away ladies! The rumors of his relationship with Kate Bosworth aren't confirmed!

He closes with: "It’s difficult to get to know a Swede. But once you do, you’re in," he said. Famewhoring, however, is out of the question. "You’re never going to see a television show The Skarsgårds."

I might be even more in love with Eric! So what if I can't differentiate between reality and fiction? What do you think Trubies?


Hollywood Crush

Kate.moon 20:58, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

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