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SPOILER ALERT! If you have yet to watch the Season 4 finale from last Sunday, be wary of spoilers!

The death count from And When I Die certainly started piling up with Jesus, Nan, Debbie, and Tara. Or is Tara actually alive? Fans have been clamoring for answers ever since the shocking resolution to Season 4. Sure, she got her brains blown up but this is True Blood after all...people have a knack for coming back after dying.

We have some answers for you! Thanks to TV Line, we know that...TARA IS COMING BACK for Season 5!! BUT here's the catch: in what capacity? After all, we will probably see Jesus again, but the dude is clearly dead. And Tara? Will she merely be a ghost?

The lovely Rutina Wesley confirmed that her contract has been picked up for Season 5, which means that Tara is definitely coming back. But even she doesn't know if Tara will be revived or if she is actually dead! Although she teased at a "Golden Hour for Tara," she doesn't know how the storyline will unravel...but she doesn't want her character to be a vampire. Hey, True Blood needs some humans too right?

Are you happy that Tara is coming back, Truebies? Or were you happy that she died? Speculate as to how Tara will come back in the comments!

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