Has anyone picked up this week's TV Guide? According to this re-post by True Blood News, there are spoilers galore on True Blood! Plus, it was picked as the #1 show to watch between June 20-July 3rd. But we know that already!

Witches and Vamps

Let's get to these spoilers. First, it sounds like we know just what leads to Sookie and Eric getting closer: “Eric is bewitched by a spell and doesn’t remember anything. Sookie sees him in away that she never thought she would.” What happens between them will hit some fans hard. “Certain people in the audience will be very pleased, and others will not like it.”

TVGuideWhatsWorthWatchingW Whats Worth Watching- TV Guide Picks True Blood as -1–and gives us more spoilers!

And it's not just Eric: "Pam (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten) is on the receving end of a spell that is the worst thing you can do to her.”

Those pesky witches! Fiona Shaw of Harry Potter, who plays the witch Marnie, says that “the story really explodes when her gifts (Wicca) coincide with somebody else’s.”

The Dynamic Duo

Ah, Andy and Jason...remember how fun those two became when they teamed up to take down Maryann? Maybe we'll see more of the bros this season: “Andy gets involved in things (ex-addict) Jason (Ryan Kwanten) has experience with,” hints Chris Bauer. “Andy will need his help.”

Jason, who is with Crystal the werepanther, will probably need help from Andy in Hotshot as well.

Lafayette and Jesus

So is Lafayette really a witch? Wizard? Weird! This season does not bode well for Lafayette as that hottie no-good Jesus bewitches him...literally! “Lafayette is pulled into this world of magic and power by something inside him–and by Jesus (Kevin Alejandro). He changes his colors and is no longer the Lafayette people knew and liked.”

Oh no!

Hoyt and Jessica


Hoyt and Jessica finally reconciled at the end of Season 3 and moved into their own house. But we can't forget about that creepy voodoo doll OR that crazy Maxine Fortenberry bought a gun...


Rutina Wesley revealed that Tara “finds some stability.” While Alan Ball says, “Tara ends up–not willingly at first–being a part of the witches.”

Let's hope Tara stops having those mood swings, although why would she help the witches? Hasn't she had enough grief from supes already?

Alcide and Sookie

Can these two never be? “Alcide lives very close to Sookie now,” Joe Manganiello says. “Last season he felt like he could fall for her. But there is (so much) danger there. Sookie is very wrapped up in vampire business, and werewolves are enemies of vampires.”

Hey as long as Alcide sticks around with his shirt half-off...I'll take it for now.



Finally...there's Luna, who plays the new love interest to Sam. Also a shape-shifter, let's hope that Sam will find happiness with a nice girl. While she's described as being a "good girl," she has an ex who sounds like he'll stir up trouble for Sam.

Whew! What do you think about these crazy spoilers? What do you think will happen with Sookie-Eric-Bill-Alcide? Will Pam and Eric recover from their witchy mishaps? Read True Blood News for even more spoilers!

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