Hey Trubies!

I've got an exciting opportunity for True Blood fans-especially Sookie/Bill shippers to win an exciting prize!

All Stephen Moyer and TrueBlood-Online have teamed up to help out Facing the Atlantic, part of an amazing charity Facing The World that helps children who need facial reconstructive surgery get the medical help they need.

What this means is that you have a chance to win a sizzling True Blood calendar signed by Stephen Moyer AND Anna Paquin! All net profit of the calendar will go to the charity so it's a great chance for True Blood fans to do good and get an autographed calendar- chock full of sexy photos and multiple autographs- by our caring cast!

You can bid on here on eBay and the auction ends this Saturday on April 30th.

Are you excited about this opportunity? Check out the gallery for the signed pictures!

Kate.moon 17:37, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

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