True Blood is expanding its franchise to include True Blood inspired merchandise. Now you can own some pretty sexy "heargear," courtesy of V-Moda and HBO! As you can see in the picture, these headphones are designed to be sleek, sexy, and dark, in line with True Blood aesthetic.

With the popularity of True Blood ever growing and heading into the fourth season, it seems like an excellent time to launch these heargear.

According to V-Moda and HBO via Cinemaspy:

Music is a very integral part of the story telling for all of our programming, especially True Blood,” said James Costos, vice president Licensing & Retailing, HBO. “So it made sense for us to partner with V-MODA which is an extremely forward-thinking music accessories company. In addition, their brand mirrors the edgy, provocative qualities that are so closely associated with the show.”

In addition, the companies promise that these headphones are built to last with "immortal durability" and "timeless materials." Sounds a lot like vampires, right? Maybe our "sophisticated" tastes will lead us right to these new heargear. Will you be picking one up?

Kate.moon 20:46, June 3, 2011 (UTC)

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