Truebies Unite! We have some exciting news from Wikia! For True Blood's Season 4 finale on September 11, we'll be having a LIVE FINALE PARTY right here on the True Blood Wiki!

Please join us for Truebie Trivia, Live Chatting, and reliving best of the best moments of Season 4! We want all fangtastic True Blood fans to join us so we can watch the finale LIVE ON CHAT between 6 PM PST-10 PM PST (for East Coast and West Coast fans) and discuss our favorite moments!

If you haven't been watching, start your True Blood marathon now and read the highlights of what has been happening this season! You can vote for your favorite moments and quotes below!

Best of the Best

  1. Best of the Best: She's Not There
  2. Best of the Best: You Smell Like Dinner
  3. Best of the Best: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?
  4. Best of the Best: I'm Alive and On Fire
  5. Best of the Best: Me and the Devil
  6. Best of the Best: I Wish I Was the Moon
  7. Best of the Best: Cold Grey Light of Dawn
  8. Best of the Best: Spellbound
  9. Best of the Best: Let's Get Out of Here
  10. Best of the Best: Burning Down the House
  11. Best of the Best: Soul of Fire

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