'True Blood' Actors Among Contenders to Replace Chris Meloni on 'Law and Order- SVU'

Hey Trubies! AceShowBiz recently posted some unusual casting news for Law and Order: SVU that's related to a couple of characters from True Blood.

You may have heard that Christopher Meloni, the long-time detective of SVU has left the show after 12 seasons. The studio is tapping into fresh talent to replace the actor, and they have their eyes on both Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) and Michael Raymond-James who played creepy Rene in the first season!

Can you imagine Rene as a protector of the innocent? His threats with his soft Cajun accent is still stuck in my head! With Jesus playing an ever increasing role on the show as Lafayette's boyfriend, let's hope we won't lose him if he gets the part!

What do you think Trubies? Can you imagine either actors as detectives on a police procedural? You tell us!

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