Season of the witch rolling stone True Blood Without Alan Ball? Could Happen

Can you imagine True Blood without Alan Ball at the helm? I can't! In an upcoming piece in Rolling Stone magazine, Alan Ball talks about the massive appeal of True Blood, bad boys, and his role within the show.

True Blood News got an early scoop on the interview:

Alan Ball reveals: “It’s easy to wonder who Sookie is gonna pick,” says Alan Ball. “It’s female wish fullfillment.” Ball also drops a bombshell, “I am negotiating for a season past this one,” but I don’t believe True Blood is 100 percent dependent on my participation. It has a very strong following, and a really strong cast…”

Who do you think Sookie would pick, ladies? And someone reassure Alan Ball, quick, before he leaves the show! What do you think, could True Blood be True Blood without Alan Ball?

Kate.moon 18:34, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

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