OMG Trubies! Guess what we have for you today! An extra 3 minutes in addition to the first three minutes of She's Not There that we posted last week! This amazing video picks up where we left off with Sookie and her grandfather!

Spoiler Alert!

I knew fairies were up to no good! We get out first glimpse of Queen Mab in this clip, the imposing queen of the fairies. The fairies turn from charming Greek creatures into strange elf/orc creatures when Sookie defies them by refusing to taste the Lumiere fruit.

This raises so many new questions. What does it mean to "harvest" humans?? Have you heard of anything more frightening? And how is it that Sookie has the power to fend off Mab with her part-fairy powers?!

I think I prefer the fae fairy-world to the creepy one! Does this whet your appetite for fairies in Season 4? Watch the video and tell us!


Courtesy of True Blood News!


True Blood Fairyland02:50

True Blood Fairyland

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