Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin)

What would True Blood be like if our awesomely powerful vampires had no powers? What would that make them? Immortal humans? Just humans? Could witches make that happen? Alan Ball spoke to The Daily Beast about what Season 4 may bring regarding the newest supes in town: witches and fairies.

“For the first time, our vampires are facing a real enemy who is not another [more powerful] vampire,” Ball said of Season 4’s Big Bad, related to the coven of witches at the center of the storyline. “For the first time, our vampires have had their weapons taken away from them. There’s a really funny moment later in the season where they have to resort to conventional weapons because their powers are very effectively taken from them… The season may be a little touch more romantic than other seasons have been… It’s a real love story.”

Could the scene he's referring to be related to the night shoot we recently posted where Eric, Pam, and Jessica are armed with guns? And whose love story will it be? Sookie and Eric? Jason and Crystal? The possibilities are endless.

Alan Ball also mentions that we'll be seeing more of werewolves, and not the V-addicted pack from last season. Rather, they'll be more like Alcide...mostly normal beings who blend right in with other humans. If they look anything like Alcide, I'm all for it!

Check out this gallery of True Blood's power players, courtesy of The Daily Beast!


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